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Familiar Taste of Seduction

Every captain dreams to find the haul worth more than his existence and Captain Henri is no exception. Far from land and her home,AFTOSeduction-4 Lola gives the captain a run for his heart when he captures her from the sea. However, the beautiful siren soon discovers she can t sing her way out of this one. When Matrick, a great sorcerer, learns about captain Henri’s treasure, he craves the siren for his Midnight Carnival and his personal menagerie. Matrick must own the sea goddess by fair means or foul.

With the aid of the demon seductress, Ink, captain Henri may be able to take the siren back from the evil grasp of Matrick. But, at what cost? Demons don t work free. Ink is attracted to Lola more than she will admit and after one explosive night together Lola is hooked.

Will Lola stay with Ink? Be confined by the evil sorcerer? Can captain Henri win his prize catch back and be able to show her what real smoldering hot love is?

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Demonic Charms

“I have gone as far as killing my own mother to protect Trent and the rest of the people I call my family. So what was stopping me now?

DemonicCharms-cover-full-04-07 copy What was making me doubt myself and who I am?”

Faith may be part witch, however she is also part slayer. Knowing that it is as easy to kill a vampire as it is to cast a spell is driving Faith crazy. And with the goddess of witches angry with Faith for turning her back on her own goddess, Faith is going to get a little push into that insanity pool when the furies are called upon to stalk the young witch within an inch of her own rational.

Yet, Faith still has bigger problems. More demons than Faith can count begin to pop up even while vampires hunt demons for their blood. And capturing Faith to get to her demon is not off the table.

Will they be able to help Faith conquer this new battle she faces? Will the furies drive Faith mad to the point of no return? Come and take a read to find out what is in store for the last witch in the world!
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