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Monthly Archives: March 2010

New Vampire Question

Can a vampire truly love, or do they simply fall in love with the idea of being human again?

Well, lots of what a vampire can and cannot do is based on the writer. But based on the idea of what a vampire is in my book I would answer this by saying, vampires love in a completely different way.

Vampires lack a complete and true soul and heart. Trent does love Faith but he loves her in a way different from the way that humans love. He remembers what it feels like from his past as a human, understands Continue reading

Post Number 50!!!

Woooo Whooo. We have made it a pretty far way so far. I am very happy to say. So for post 50 please have fun reading about what I am reading!

There is a new book that I haven gotten called: The Werewolf’s Guide to Life, A Manual for the Newly Bitten.

I found it in the “humor” section of borders but I still find it to be quit interesting. Maybe because there are so few good werewolf books out. My collection of vampire books really trumps my collection of werewolf books.

Though it is put under to humor section of the book store it makes me wonder why. There are chapters in this book labeled The Basics: What Is Lycanthropy? Continue reading

The Executioner

This is one of my favorite short stories that I have written. I would be very happy to share it with a crowd like you. Please enjoy!

After she got into her car, she slammed the door. Hard. She jammed the key into the ignition and turned the key so that the car would start. Pressing the gas petal to take off, she heard the powerful engine roar with a loud booming noise. The seat belt was of no concern to her, but putting the car into first to take off was a must. After putting the car in first, the car lunged forward. She Continue reading

Faith and Earth Witches

I have talked a lot about vampires and werewolves recently. I thought introducing you to the world of Trent and Zou Tai would help you relate to them more.

But now I would like to introduce you to Faith’s world as a witch. In my book Vampyre Kisses she is the last of her kind so it is very important that she master her abilities to the best of her capability. Continue reading

Literary Agents

My experience with finding a literary agent was … interesting. It is a very tedious process. Since I already went over query letter sites I thought I would list some information for finding a literary agent.

Remember that you must look at every literary agent individually to make sure they cover your area and are accepting query letters. Also, each one will have different guidelines. Some might want a couple chapters while others might want to see a proposal depending on the type of book it is. Continue reading

A little Bite More About Me

I thought for this blog I would give some more background about myself and Vampyre Kisses.

I began writing Vampyre Kisses when I was around 19. Faith started out as Alex because I always like the guy names for girls. After I wrote more I found that the name Faith would suit the character a lot better though.

Actually Vampyre Kisses as had a lots of massive changes over the years. Zou Tai, my main werewolf, was named Jacob. But due to Twilight I thought it would be best to change it. Plus I wanted to give my werewolves an Asian ancestry. That will be delved into more with the second book though.

As you may or may not know I have a love for Ireland. This is why Trent, my main vampire, is Irish in the book. He has curly auburn hair and a wicked accent. I think Continue reading

Werewolf Orgins

Hello everyone and welcome back! I know that my book is called Vampyre Kisses but I do include werewolves in the story. Of course it isn’t until the second book that I really delve into the background of werewolves.

However, I thought some people would like a little background now about werewolves and one of the original stories about werewolves from Greece.

Firstly, Continue reading

Why Vampires Enthrall Us

When vampires first arrived in folklore, their stories were used to scare children into being good. The fear of what may roam in the night if you went out kept them safe inside and away from the night. But now, people actually want to find vampires, befriend them, and become immortal like them. What is this attraction to vampires that humans seem to have?

Part of this attraction would first and foremost be their immortality. People today are attracted to the idea of staying young. People want to look beautiful forever. A vampire is a creature that possesses this ability and can even give it to humans.

Along with this, Continue reading

Revision Two

Well I got revision 2 of the inside book layout back today. What I have to do is go over the corrections I had made in revision one and make sure they did it correctly in revision two. If everything is ok I send it back to them.

Then they send me the final revision to sign off on:

“When I send you Rev(Final), I will also send you a form and ask you to sign it. This form indicates your approval of Rev(Final) and your acknowledgement of certain specifications about your book (soft or hardcover, page size, and page count).”

So I am very excited and can’t wait to get to work on this tonight! Thought I would keep everyone up to date. Doesn’t this sound like fun? It really is!

Happy Writing!

Liz ^_^


Sorry for the lack of a post today Vampyre Fans, but  I got swamped at work and the day just won’t stop being busy! I promise to come back with a GREAT blog tomorrow. Remember, mom always said there would be days like this. haha

Happy Writing!

Liz ^_^

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