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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Book Signing

Hello Friends!

I just wanted to remind everyone that I will be doing a book signing at the Public House in Wilmington, DE this SUNDAY, October 3rd. It will be my first book signing and I am really hoping we get a good crowd. By “we” I am talking about myself and the Diamond State Roller Girls. Hellz yeah! This is an Art Fusion event. There will be 6 bands and 20 artists so it is going to be tons of fun!

Ticket Prices: $20 (presale) and $25 (door)
Addy: 902 N. Market Street, Wilmington, DE 19801
Time: 2pm-6pm

Latest Review

Vampyre Kisses is told from Faith and Trent’s point of view. The story kicks off when Faith, the main character, meets the mysterious (and hot) Trent, who happens to be a (hot) vampire. Soon, they start a relationship that builds through the pages of the book. Trent gets her into the supernatural world where vampires, werewolves and witches exist.

Faith realizes that she is a witch in love with a vampire living in a world where the paranormal things told from fictional books are real.

What I loved and enjoyed about Vampyre Kisses was Continue reading

Update on my Life

All right, so I know it seems like I have fallen of the face of the earth when it comes to my blog posts. And for the past week or more I kind of have. Mostly due to the fact that I was moving to a new apartment and have to spend a lot of extra time packing and getting this scheduled and done. I apologize and hope that you all know I love you. To make up for it, I want to tell you what is in the works for the month of October!

Well, as you should already know I will be finishing up the blog tour in the middle of October. It has been so much fun doing this blog tour. I have met Continue reading

Folklore Research Paper

Folklore Research

(I am moving this week so I am a little busy. To tide you over I thought I would do a couple of re-posts this week. Especially for my new followers. This one is an actual report I had to do in my Folklore class at George Mason University. It was a lot of fun but scary at time as the information below is actually true.)

Disclaimer: To be read in a deep announcer type voice similar to a 1950’s radio show

Ghosts roam the land reliving their deaths, haunting their own homes, but some are looking for a living soul to help them cross over to the other side. All of this happens because many ghosts have unfinished business. Unfinished business is work that is not completed by the ghost in their living life; this can include: unsolved murders, children left to fend for themselves, homes left empty, etc. One ghost in particular, the one in this story, is looking for justice to be served because he has been murdered. A boy that just came out of a coma is the one he finds to help him seek righteousness. By analyzing this story I will uncover Continue reading

Halfway To The Grave Review

Review: Halfway To The Grave (HTTG) by Jeaniene Frost

I have been thinking over what I wanted to write about this novel. I have been trying to come up with something that would be a couple of paragraphs. Problem is, I loved it! I really truly loved it.

I think the way Frost developed the relationship between Cat and Bones was amazing. How she hated him, but during her drunken moments would complement him was just hilarious.

I also loved that it wasn’t just a world full of vampires. This book involves ghouls and ghosts along with psychotic humans. All of which make the book that more fabulous.

One down fall to the book, but this is just me, was the typos I kept finding. I expect there to be some in any book no matter how much editing is done but this has more than a few. But ANYWAYS!

I don’t know if this was just me but I kind of thought that whenever someone died or something tragic happened it always led to Bones and Cat have sex, which was a little weird but seems to be a fetish in a way with Cat.

I really liked the pet names that Bones had for Cat, which made me fall in love with him even more. What was the best was that I figured from the beginning ::SPOILER!!!!!:: that Bones would need to die or that they couldn’t be together. There was just hints in the book that screamed that out. But what Frost did for the ending made it so they could be together some day and I was really happy with that ending. ::END OF SPOILER!!!!::

I cannot wait to read the second book as soon as I get some more money! I highly recommend it for anyone that loves romance and paranormal books.


Happy Reading!

Liz ^_^

Help Fight Breast Cancer!

My Making Strides Page

Go here to donate!!

The Diamond State Roller Girls of Wilmington, Delaware are going to be walking on October 10th to make more of an awareness of Breast Cancer and in a stride to help raise money to help fight against this nasty disease. I ask that whatever amount, EVEN A DOLLAR, to be donated to help out. Please, comment and show your support and don’t forget that every little bit helps!

Quickie Giveieway

I am feeling a little generous in a quickie way today. So first 3 people to answer this question get a PDF of Vampyre Kisses to read! Just make sure you answer this question correctly.

Who played Count Dracula in Nosferatu (1921)?


Well thats it! 3 Winners picked! Better luck next time!!!

Interview: Kyann Zorain

Please give a big hand to Kyann Zorain and welcome her to the site! I am so glad to have you here for an interview!

Can you tell us a little about how the book came to be? What it is about?

The new release it called The Diary of Twitched Whiskers, a stray who stumbles upon the small village of humans and animals called Strawberry Hills. He is befriended by Badger, who later becomes a good friend to Twitched. Badger’s younger son later gives Twitched a log book. Twitched thinks of writing a story about a Continue reading

Full Moon Rising

Book Review of Full Moon Rising by Keri Arthur

I am going to make this book review very short and sweet. Full Moon Rising by Keri Arthur was not too bad. I actually made a thread on Yalichat.com and asked a bunch of readers their opinions. Most either said they hated it or it took awhile for them to get into the book, which meant around 100 pages in.

I took all of this under consideration as I read the book and decided that the beginning is a little weird and uninteresting but that I would push forward. I agreed with one of my fellow readers that it is Continue reading

Guest Blog Tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be having a guest blogger on my site. His name is Chris Bennett. He writes great stories and he will be sharing one with us tomorrow. I hope everyone is as excited as I am!

Here is his bio:

Chris is an author and aspiring screenwriter. Since childhood, he was drawn to scfi-fi and fantasy, but he’s tried his hand at many different genres from poetry Continue reading

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