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Vampyre Kisses
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Once Upon a Twilight


Oran comes to life!

Oran (the immortal creature known as a Volucris) comes to life!

Check out the beautiful work William Petty from did for me AND Oran! Continue reading

Character Development

I thought that I would add on a little to the blog I posted a couple of days a go about characters and how I try to make mine different and unique.

I searched around a little and found a website I thought would be of great help to some of you writer’s out there. I personally love sites like these and find them very useful. Especially when they have exercises and templates to use. Continue reading

Character X

Trent and Faith have both had there turns to speak to everyone and now I think that a certain character … we will call him character X for right now … needs to speak out. Mostly because something as been bugging him and I believe talking it out will help him a lot.

Introducing Character X!

X: Hello everyone. It is nice to finally meet you. There has been something festering at me and I have really needed to get it off my chest. I thought you would be the best audience for it.

I would Continue reading

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Demonic Charms Release!

Demonic Charms Release!

July 23rd, 2014

Demonic Charms Book 4 in The Last Witch Series     “I have gone as far as killin[...]

Lavender Body Scrub

Lavender Body Scrub

July 2nd, 2014

Lavender Body Scrub So I was recently shown a picture by my loving boyfriend, Josh.   [...]

What The Duke Desires Giveaway!

What The Duke Desires Giveaway!

June 8th, 2014

I know it has been a couple weeks since RT Booklovers Con in New Orleans has ended, BUT it is now ti[...]