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Editing is a real bit…

Editing is a real bitch. Like the plot of a story and the way your characters turn out you just can’t please everyone. You never will. Take Vampyre Kisses for instance, I can show you a review where a blogger sang my praises for not having mistakes in my book while I have had a recent review where they said my book had mistakes like every other self published book does.

Now, I don’t normally respond to reviews unless it’s to say: “oh hey thanks!” When it came to that I didn’t reply. That took a lot of self-control and I think shows how much I have grown as a businesswoman and an author. However Continue reading

Editor Insight

Hi, Stephen! I am so happy to be doing an interview with you. You are such a brilliant editor with such a knack for critiquing instead of criticizing—something I really like about you. I really think that doing this interview will give people a better idea of who you are and what the editing world is like, especially for those aspiring to get into the business. So let’s start!

EK: Where did you go to Continue reading

Book layout

I got my book layout today and I thought everyone would like a little bite of the information coming from the vanity publishing world. This is what they want me to do:

Next, let me explain what a “TEXTBLOCK” is. Up to this point, your book has been in manuscript form on your computer. We call this “raw text.” The print manager takes your raw text, and shapes it into pages the dimensions of your finished book. He adds headers, footers, chapter titles, page numbering, copyright information and so on. This new presentation of your book is called the TEXTBLOCK, or GALLEY, and once all the finishing elements are done, this is the work that is sent to the printer.

The goal for the TEXTBLOCK or GALLEY is that it resembles as closely and accurately as possible what you Continue reading


Finding an editor is not as easy as some may think. Your editor is someone that you want to be able to connect with. Someone who understand your writing style and may have a similar one. A person should find an editor that critiques and doesn’t criticize. Most writers need lots of support. I know that when it comes to me I can get pretty crazy if I get writers block or over whelmed. Damion (my muse) as always been my rock and the one that deals with my craziness. I hope everyone as a Damion in their life. Anyways, when it comes to an editor a writer should do their research. Because your editor doesn’t need to be someone you have to meet with this makes the amount of editors to choose from vast.
I did my research on the internet. I found so many! But not all of them do fiction or non fiction so that takes it down slightly. The most helpful thing is that just about every editor will do a sample edit. This is very important! You can tell from this little sample if the editor is right for you. Are they critiquing your work in a useful way? Are they catching what you find to be important? How detailed are they in their explanations? You can then cut it in half if not more from there.
After this you should have had several emails back and forth with your editor. Another way to cut the amount of editors in half is the price they charge. Some people can spend thousands on an editor. Me? I don’t have that kind of money. My editor charges $2.50 a page which worked out great for me. Some will charge less but you are going to get what you paid for.
I was lucky to find someone like Stephen Delaney. He understood my writing style and was so supportive! He really pushed me to make my good writing great and because of him I fell in love with my book all over again.
So take your time finding an editor. It isn’t something anyone should rush because your book is your baby and it is something important to you.
So what words do I live by? Research, research, RESEARCH. lol.
What this helpful for anyone?

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