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Donate Your Books

Hello all my fabulous followers!

I want to tell you about someone who contacted me recently. Her name is Lora Wiedenheft. She lives in Middletown Ohio and sent me this e-mail on goodreads:

Hi my name is Lora Wiedenheft.

I am a reviewer and a fight illiteracy advocate .I wanted to know if I can get on your mailing list to send books for review any YA books. and we can use either a finished or ARC copy of Vampyre Kisses .. I want to do reviews and then donate them to the high school to fight illiteracy. My dad was illiterate and I always wanted to do something about it. He’s gone now and this is what I can do,

If you have a list that you send books to can you add me? I live in a low income community and we are struggling to get books in our high school. I wanted to know if you can donate a hardcover (that way they last for years)book, or any books to me for our high school. Middletown High School. It means so much to them to get these books. Like I said we are low income and most parents cant afford new books right now. We used to have a steel mill her and they packed up and left. Causing a lot of job loss. and the school levy then failed. I’m not to proud to ask,

I was overloaded with books when my daughter made the suggestion that her school needed them. Your books will be there for years to come. Can you please help us out.

We both thank you

Lora’s website where she posts reviews and helps to fight illiteracy is:


Lora’s email is: chaarmedone1512@aol.com

In the very least I can say that this letter really touched me. Especially since I am trying to put together the anthology for charity eBook, which will help out Literacy, Inc.

After contacting the librarian at the school to double check everything, I decided that I needed to share this story with as many people as I could in the hopes that we could send this lovely high school some books. I know I will be sending my own book along with a couple other and possibly a B&N gift card for them to use.

If you want to do further research into this, here is the contact information I recieved:

Kati Heintman is the librarian


Middletown High School (9-12)

601 N. Breiel Blvd., Middletown OH 45042

Student Hours: 7:15 am – 2:15 pm

Main Telephone:420-4500

Media Center: Ext. 3170

I really hope this blog post will inspire some of you to take a little time out of your day and send them a book. Even if it is one you have used. Any time you can go out of your way to help out another human being it is always good karma. If you like please copy and paste this post as your own so we can get the word out even more!

My kudos and love go out to Lora, her friends, and all the wonderful student and Middletown High School for the fine work she is doing to help fight illiteracy! Don’t ever give up hope!

<3’s and Fangs, Liz ^_^

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