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Why do vampires need blood?

One thing that is a main key to the definition of a vampire is there need for blood. But what many of us as readers and watchers do not think about is why they have a need for blood. The answer to this can differ depending on whom you speak to. In my opinion, though, I agree with what I have read in a book by Augustus Montague Summers entitled, The Vampire, his Kith and Kin.

In this book he states, “for he (vampire) is a thing which belongs to no world at all; he is not a demon, for the devils have a purely spiritual nature, they are beings without any body…” Vampires are creatures that attack those that are sleeping at night and suck out all of the blood from their bodies to destroy them. The reason that they take the blood is because they crave blood to obtain sustenance for their own body.

So what is it that makes the blood the essential need of a vampire to keep on “living”?  Well, it is expressed in the Chinese culture by writers in medicine, while thought by the Arabs, and very prominent among the traditions of the Romans that, “even with regard to animals the soul or life of the animal was in the blood, or rather actually was the blood” (The Vampire, his Kith and Kin page 18).

More evidence of this belief is brought to us by the Bible where it as been said that “Because the life of the flesh is in the blood” the word life also signifying the word soul in the Hebrew language. This can be found in Leviticus xvii.

It is believed and kept in the tradition of most vampire writers that a vampire does not have a soul. When we bring this into the equation one can now be able to solve the equation. A vampire seeks out to vitalize and rejuvenate his own dead, soulless, body by draining a human, soulful, person of their blood and therefore regaining a sort of soul or essence for a short period of time.

Because of this I come to the conclusion that a vampire is not able to keep this soul that is not his or hers in their body for any long period of time and this is why they continue to need blood and feed off of the living. The living that have souls, which are in their blood, and can provide them with sustenance for a night until they awake again and repeat the process all over again.

If this were all to be true my question would be: do vampires have a soul after sucking the blood of a human? Is this why some vampires have more feelings in certain books than in others?

What do you think? I would like to hear the opinions of others to find out if this is what most people would believe and agree with.

Happy Writing!

Liz ^_^

7 Responses to Why do vampires need blood?

  • Sharde says:

    You raise a good question. If all the above were true, I’d have to agree that vampires do gain some temporary “soul” after sucking the life blood from his/her victim.

    But the thing is, authors rarely explore vampires lust for blood. As readers, we assume that most of their thirst for blood is pure hunger, not spiritual, er, “soul” fulfillment.

    This leads into your second question: Is this why some vampires have more feelings in certain books than in others?

    Again, if we’re basing the answer on the above information, I’d have to agree. But this is not the case in most vampire novels(cough-TWILIGT-cough). The author gives them feelings to make them more human, to advance the plot along without giving any real explanation as to why other than it’s convenient. I’d love to read a vampire novel that delves into them on a more spiritual level.

    Care to recommend any, or write us one?


    • ejkolodziej says:

      Truthfully, I can not think of a book that totally goes into the spiritual nature that I am speaking about. I think that Kim Harrison touches upon it in a different kind of a way in her Rachel Morgan series. Her main vampire, Ivy, is not able to separate sex, love, and blood. But it’s not really the same thing that we are talking about.
      When it comes to writing a book of my own like this… well, when I research it effects the outcome of my stories. This is really on my mind and therefore it will end up in my second book. I do not know yet how I am going to come about it but I think it will be interesting the read. Now when it comes to my first book I think it as a really good part in Morgans chapter that goes on to explain the history of vampires in a little different of a way. You might be interested in taking a look at that.

  • Corey Beaudoin says:

    Do vampires get a soul by drinking blood of humans.Maybe they need to have a soul for a certain amount of time in order to survive.Or maybe there is a protien in human blood that they need.I guess we will have to fing a vampire and ask him or her.

  • heather says:

    lol.. vampyres do have souls.. unlike authors wrongly suggest.. but the blood that they get is like nourishment and water and such.. you get really weak if you don’t have blood.

    • heather says:

      like now , for instance i havent had blood in about a month and i feel pretty weak

    • ejkolodziej says:

      actually the book that i refer to about vampires is based on actual research of vampires. this person as ran into a few over his years. if you read the highgate vampire you can see sean manchester’s experience with running into an actual vampire.

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